The Coolest Campaign Ever?

Outward Bound is an outdoor adventure company. They asked if we could help fill their course in one of the coldest parts of Canada…in January…when the temperature averages -22 degrees F.

I decided to appeal to people with a sense of adventure who want to get more than a suntan from a vacation. Together with Jeff Odiorne, Izzy DeBellis, and Karyn Prince, we created 6 total print ads for an ongoing campaign.

The print campaign sold out the winter expedition for the first time ever, and it also won the highest advertising awards in North America – One Show, Addy, Marketing, Canadian Art Directors, and CA.

By the way, some of you will look at this and say, “No one would read that much copy.” Turns out, when you’re thinking about going on a vacation where you could freeze to death, you’ll read every word.